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Analyzing “Lilia Pregnant The World End” Manga – A Comprehensive Overview

Main Characters and Storyline

Main Characters

  1. Takahiro: The hero who defeated the Demon King and returned to the real world.
  2. Lilia: The daughter of the Demon King who unexpectedly appears in Takahiro’s world.
  3. Others: The manga features a variety of other characters who play important roles in the story’s development.


After successfully defeating the Demon King and saving the other world, Takahiro finds himself back in the real world, enjoying a peaceful life. However, his tranquility is disrupted when Lilia, the daughter of the Demon King, suddenly appears. Takahiro initially expects her to seek revenge, but to his surprise, Lilia’s true goal is to bear Takahiro’s child. Thus, the story revolves around the unusual relationship between Takahiro and Lilia as they navigate the challenges that come with their unique circumstances.

Genre and Themes

“Lilia Pregnant The World End” encompasses various genres and themes, making it an intriguing read for manga enthusiasts. The primary genres associated with this manga include:

  • Comedy: The manga incorporates comedic elements to lighten the overall tone of the story.
  • Demons: The presence of demons adds an element of supernatural intrigue to the plot.
  • Fantasy: The story takes place in a world filled with fantastical elements and magical creatures.
  • Isekai: The concept of being transported to another world is central to the narrative.
  • Monster girls: The inclusion of monster girls introduces a unique and captivating aspect to the story.
  • Romance: The manga explores the development of a romantic relationship between the main characters.
  • Suggestive: The storyline may contain content that is suggestive in nature.

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